Asset Management Services

During the process of roll-out of new network technology, Entana optimizes your return on investment for your retired, surplus networks.

  • Assess network value & purchase write-offs
  • Scrap & Dismantle
  • Logistics services, transport, warehousing & inventory control/monitoring/tracking
  • Remarket and Redeploy via global telecom database
  • Multiple business models: consignment, revenue sharing & cash
  • Environment friendly & Green

Asset Recovery Management Process


  • De-installation services at site
  • Coordination & transportation from dismantling site to warehouse location
  • Inbound buffering of received cabinets, racks, crates, pallets, etc.
  • Customs clearing when applicable
  • Handling and buffering of dangerous / hazardous goods
  • Asset management, full tool support for handling and value flow: transparency of inventories / purchased / refurbished / scrapped materials


  • Physical audit for warehouse to define the material counts & categories
  • Verification of physical counts
  • Consolidation with any other available lists
  • Upload the final list of inventory on the Entana or Client’s inventory management system
  • Categories include:
    • New
      • Planned to be used / Re-Marketing
      • Surplus/ Dead Stock
    • Returned
      • Usable
      • Un-usable

Recycling & Waste Management Service (RWMS)

The RWMS takes care of waste treatment of end-of-life or obsolete network elements for customers. The service makes sure that the equipment recycling is performed in an environmentally responsible manner and in accordance with applicable legislation. The service is available for network elements delivered by all OEMs.

Refurbishment Service

The main intention behind the Refurbishment Service is to convert outdated or obsolete equipment into useful modules that can be re-introduced in the network. This can be achieved through testing, hardware upgrades, software changes or any combination of these. During the process, old equipment can receive new functionalities or interfaces, upgraded capabilities and an extended lifetime.

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