Managed Care Services

As Part of the Opex vs Capex Optimization Entana offers Managed Care Service (MCS) with a target to create value providing world-class services that meet client’s needs. This is backed by an efficient global and local supply-chain and service delivery network and by utilizing global partners.

Key Products & Services

  • Asset Management De-Installed & Surplus
  • Managed Care Services: Sourcing & Repair
  • Brands & Beyond
  • OEM Contract Auditing

Key Principles of Managed Care Services

The MCS business is the Entana solution for managing, replacing, and recycling hardware and spare parts. MCS fulfils Customer orders for brand name Spare Parts and serves Customers’ internal teams with Installation Teams during Commissioning or Test Beds when Commissioning Spares.

Benefits of Managed Care Services from Entana

  • Fast Speed Global Sourcing
  • 35% Cost-Saving from OEM contracts
  • Access Hard-to-Find Obsolete Spare Parts and Systems
  • OEM compatible Warranty Multi-Vendor Availability of spares
  • Automated / Customized Vendor Procurement
  • Intelligent Sourcing
  • Cable/Wire Management
  • Supply/Inventory Management

Sourcing & Repair Services

Spare Part Supply Service (SPS)

Entana sells and supports spare parts for all OEMs products. Spare parts are ordered by customers to build their buffer stock. They are indispensable in allowing customers to operate their networks accurately, optimally and with high availability from the early stages and throughout the network lifecycle. Units provided by SPS are refurbished, but could be new upon request. The supply includes all items and units including those who have reached the EOS/EOL milestones. All units have a warranty of 12 months.

Refurbished Spares

Our sourcing and refurbished solutions have been built upon our comprehensive vendor networks and supply chain expertise – All the know-how and resources are implemented and delivered through our supply chain management system. We handle equipment of all quantity and brands allowing customers to have a one-stop shop. With our engineering team, custom configurations are available with rapid turnaround. Testing is a main fact.

Repair & Return Services

Entana provides a complete repair service to the operators around the world. Many clients are dissatisfied with existing repair options locally, while high quality refurbished equipment might be hard to find or price is too high. Our repair service cost can go as low as 50% from refurbished, hence our clients benefit from repairing instead of replacing.


  • We provide a complete service offering, of spare part repair services, replacement of spare parts and spare parts managed services
  • Certified repair team to conduct level 1-3 repairs
  • Extended operating hours 24/7
  • Fast Turn-around
  • Specialty in legacy radio, transmission, VSAT, switching and power supply equipment & modules.

Our Services Include:

  • In/Out of Warranty Component Repairs
  • Electronic Repairs
  • Cosmetic Repairs
  • Emergency Repairs and Replacement
  • OEM Repair Support
  • Multi-Vendor Repairs
  • Return Logistics
  • Import/Export Management

In the Repair & Return Service, Entana repairs the customer unit and sends the same unit back to the customer. The customer retains ownership of the unit during the repair process. The R&R service is most beneficial when:

  • Legal regulations require Entana to send the same unit back to the customer after repair.
  • Local taxation makes it more expensive to provide the Advance Replacement Service.
  • The unit does not contain any OEM identification labelling or is for any other reason not recognizable by customers.

The turnaround time in the Repair & Return Service is typically 1-3 weeks for “most wanted”. For large quantity of same item orders Defined Turnaround can be lower based on minimum quantity part of program “Portable Repair Lab”. TAT starts when the faulty unit arrives at Entana’s premises and ends when the repaired unit reaches back the customer premises excluding times spent in customs clearance. The service includes all items and units including those who have reached the EOS/EOL milestones. Warranty for repair is 12 months.

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